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LASIK Eye Surgery

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Tampa LASIK surgeon Dr Stephen Updegraff

Tampa & St. Petersburg LASIK Eye Surgery

Who Is the Right Candidate for Lasik?

18-50 Years of Age

Blurry Vision


Wears Contacts or Glasses

Leads an Active Lifestyle

To ensure that you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery, Dr. Updegraff will perform a thorough complimentary lasik consultation and exam, which will answer these questions and more.

Schedule Your Complimentary LASIK SURGERY Consultation Today!

Our LASIK Surgery Process

Our process is designed to help you make the best possible decision for your vision. From consultation through post-procedure follow up, our doctors and specialists are with you every step of the way.

What Vision Problems Can LASIK Correct?

LASIK is a quick, painless, reliable surgical option for correcting a number of vision-related issues. They include:

Nearsighted people have trouble seeing at a distance but tend to have better vision up close - hence ``nearsighed.`` With this condition, the cornea is curved too steeply, and sometimes the eye itself is irregularly-shaped. Either way, the end result is that images get focused in FRONT of the retina, rather than ON the retina itself. When treating nearsightedness, the LASIK procedure evens out the curvature of the cornea which returns the focusing of images to the retina, where it belongs.

Farsighted people, naturally, have the reverse issue - objects at a distance are seen clearly but near vision is difficult to impossible. With farsightedness, again as opposed to nearsightedness, the shape of the cornea is too flat (rather than too steeply-curved) or the eye is misshapen. As a result, light rays get focused behind the retina. LASIK eye surgery corrects this condition by shaping the cornea, restoring the correct curvature so that it focuses on images directly on the retina.

Astigmatism is the inability to focus clearly at ANY distance, due to an irregular or misshapen cornea. With astigmatism, light rays focus at different points on the retina causing images to overlap and blur vision. Just like with nearsightedness or farsightedness, LASIK can correct these issues by reshaping the cornea and forcing light to focus on the retina, thus restoring perfect vision.

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Contact Us

You can call, email, or live chat with us to learn more about UpVision. Our friendly, highly trained staff can answer your questions and schedule your LASIK surgery consultation.

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Complimentary LASIK Consultation

To determine if you are a LASIK candidate, we do a LASIK consultation. You meet personally with the doctor who will determine candidacy, answer your questions, and explain the procedure. We offer consultations 6 days a week to fit every schedule

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LASIK Surgery Procedure

When you're ready to love your vision again, we are here to schedule your procedure. The actual procedure is quick, virtually painless and immediately effective. Our friendly LASIK surgery coordinators are with you every step of the way. You leave with all your prescriptions so you do not have to wait at a drug store to fill them after your procedure.

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Post-Procedure Follow Up

We like to call this the happiest day of the week. LASIK follow-up patients are greeted with coffee and donuts during their follow up with the doctor. At this follow up you receive any additional post-procedure instructions and most importantly you get to ENJOY YOUR NEW VISION.

Getting my Lasik procedure done by Dr. Updegraff has been a very comfortable experience for me. The staff shows care and interest in each of their patients and I would highly recommend going here for anybody looking for the best place to go for the health of their eyes

- Anjali, June 2017, LASIK

I had a wonderful experience! The staff was amazing and very helpful every step of the way! The day of surgery went very smoothly and I had immediate results following the surgery! My only regret is not getting Lasik earlier in life! I would highly recommend Updegraff Laser Vision to anyone looking to regain their vision

- Caran, June 2017, LASIK

Dr. Updegraff and his staff did a phenomenal job at every point of the process. From the moment I first entered the building I felt welcomed and that I was going to be fully taken care of. Just 6 hours after my Lasik procedure was finished, I could already see the great results. I am very happy with this office and the outcome

- Conor, June 2017