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Stephen Updegraff, M.D., FACS is one of the most experienced LASIK and refractive surgeons in the world. He holds 7 LASIK Patents and was on the team that developed LASIK. Visit our LASIK eye surgery center today!

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Updegraff LASIK Eye Surgery CENTER & Laser Vision is dedicated to providing patients with the best – the best technology, the best possible eye care, the best overall experience.

Celebrating 20 Years of

Cataract & LASIK Eye Surgery

Celebrating 20 Successful Years marked with significant advancements in technology, technique and patient safety.

Comprehensive Eye Care for Your Vision

Updegraff Lasik Eye Surgery & Laser Vision Services

Cataract Surgery
Lens Implants
Dry Eye
  • Lasik Eye Surgery

    LASIK in Tampa & St. Petersburg

    the decision to have lasik can be one of the most rewarding and life-changing events in your life.

    Seven patents, performing the third LASIK surgery in the U.S. and the first in Asia – these are all a part of what has earned Stephen Updegraff, M.D., FACS, a place among a rare breed of LASIK surgeon. Dr. Updegraff’s commitment to patients and excellence in refractive surgery are exemplified by our world-class facility that supports all the latest technology and safety.

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    Cataract Surgery.

    With more than two decades of experience in laser and LASIK EYE surgery, Dr. Updegraff understands what is right for you.

    Safety, results and your comfort are our priorities. It begins by meeting with Dr. Updegraff personally to identify your individual goals and to help you select the technologies that will be most beneficial to you. Our unique approach emphasizes comfort, safety and excellent results.

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    Lens Implants.

    High tech lens implants can help you become independent of glasses after cataract surgery.

    At Updegraff Laser Vision we offer two types of Lens Implants. High-tech lens implants are designed to help you see distance, intermediate, and possibly near. We also offer Standard Lens Implants with great success.

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    Dry Eye.

    Dry Eye syndrome is the most frequent reason patients visit their eye doctors.

    There are over 300 million worldwide who have been diagnosed with dry eye. Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD) affects 86% of all those with dry eye and it’s treatable. We work hard to provide the best diagnostic tools and options to treat your dry eye.

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Performed 1st LASIK in Asia

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Years of Excellence

When it comes to your vision, trust the best eye doctors in Tampa Bay, Florida

The most important thing to us at ULV is your vision. Our surgeons and doctors are among the most experienced in the world. Our knowledgable, caring staff are here to answer any questions you may have. Our state-of-the-art facility was built from the ground-up featuring today's most modern technologies. Call us today to See The Difference.

Stephen Updegraff, M.D.
Brian Foster, M.D.
Daniel Behn, O.D.
Angela Kaminsky, OD
Todd A. Berger, MD, FACS
Brian Roberts, OD
Jennifer Landy, M.D.
Cosmetic & Ophthalmic Surgeon
Fayssal El-Jabali, DO

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Patient Testimonials

My experience with the Updegraff staff and Dr. Updegraff was beyond my expectation. They made me feel comfortable and like I was part of the team. I was so nervous at first, but the staff made me feel better by talking me through the situation. I would recommend Updegraff Laser Vision to all my friends and family

- Lucy, June 2017

Getting my Lasik procedure done by Dr. Updegraff has been a very comfortable experience for me. The staff shows care and interest in each of their patients and I would highly recommend going here for anybody looking for the best place to go for the health of their eyes

- Anjali, June 2017

I had a wonderful experience! The staff was amazing and very helpful every step of the way! The day of surgery went very smoothly and I had immediate results following the surgery! My only regret is not getting Lasik earlier in life! I would highly recommend Updegraff Laser Vision to anyone looking to regain their vision

- Caran, June 2017

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to come to Updegraff. My experience was great and the staff is awesome. There’s no better way to lose your glasses!

- Anthony, June 2017

Dr. Updegraff and his staff did a phenomenal job at every point of the process. From the moment I first entered the building I felt welcomed and that I was going to be fully taken care of. Just 6 hours after my Lasik procedure was finished, I could already see the great results. I am very happy with this office and the outcome

- Conor, June 2017